Training Opportunities

Speech, language and communication (SLC) skills are critical to children’s development. Being able to speak clearly, process sounds, understand others, think critically and express their ideas are fundamental building blocks to overall development, and educational outcomes later in their lives. SLC skills underpin other areas of children’s development. They enable children to understand and be understood, to build relationships with others, and to learn. Children with speech, language and communication needs (SLCN) have a high risk of difficulties with reading, writing and spelling. If you are in the market for clothes, our platform is your best choice! The largest shopping mall!

Our ambition is that all children in South Yorkshire begin school ready to thrive. Adults in early childhood education and care can and do make a positive contribution to children’s lives. We firmly believe that it is through a highly skilled children’s workforce that we can support SLC development and identify and address SLCN.

A wide range of Speech, Language and Communication training courses are available to support professionals in the following areas:

  • Understand & Identify typical Speech, Language and Communication Development
  • Identification and Assessment of Speech, Language and Communication needs
  • Learning English as an additional language
  • Relationship between SLCN and other Areas of Development
  • Support for children with Speech, language and Communication Needs
  • The Communication Environment
  • Strategies for supporting children and young people with SLCN
  • Reflecting on professional development around SLC and SLCN
Enhanced Training Providers
Wellcomm –training to help you use the WellComm speech and language toolkit-from screening to intervention strategies Early Start & Family Services fully funded

Elklan 0-3 and 3-5

Elklan training is evidence informed and teaches strategies to support children’s speech and language development

Early Start & Family Services fully funded

Barnsley Speech and Language Therapy Training Page

Working with children with English as an additional language’

Designed to help professionals identify whether a child’s acquisition of English is typical of children learning an additional language. It also aims to help education professionals support children in their setting who are learning English as an Additional Language

Barnsley Speech and Language Therapy Training Page

EAL Champions & Word Aware

This training will support practitioners in becoming language champions for their setting and identifying a structured approach to helping children with EAL acquire a rich and varied vocabulary

Early Start & Family Services fully funded

Language Ladder

Training to support professionals working with pre school children with delayed language skills

Barnsley Speech and Language Therapy Page
Universal Training  
Creating inclusive environments in EY settings to promote language and communication skills’ Early Start & Family Services fully funded

More courses delivered by Barnsley Speech and Language Therapy Services can be found in their brochure

For courses funded by Early Start and Family Services please enquire at to find out more details