Services for Children & Young People

Here in Barnsley, our Family Centres offer a friendly one-stop shop for families with children or young people aged 0-19 or 25 with a disability. They bring together practitioners from a range of universal, targeted and specialist services in each local area, including schools, police, social care, private and voluntary sector and some adult services.

The services they offer vary in each area of the borough, depending on the needs of families and the wider community, and include:

  • preparing children for school and helping them to thrive in school
  • helping parents and carers to develop their parenting skills
  • helping parents and carers to develop personal skills, access training and education, and enhance their ability to get employment
  • helping parents and carers to keep children safe
  • helping children to achieve their full potential and reduce inequalities in their health and development
  • supporting the development of healthy lifestyles for children
  • helping families to become more resilient

Services for adults play an essential role in our early help approach, and we work with all parents and carers so they can be the best parent they can be.

Services that predominantly work with either children and young people or adults need to adopt a ‘think family’ approach, coordinating the support they provide, to secure better outcomes for children, young people and families with additional needs.

You can read more about our family centres and early help for families.

View contact details for all our Family Centres.

Below are several services that can help you, however your first port of call should be one of our Family Centres.

Speech and Language Therapy Services in Barnsley

The Barnsley children’s speech and language therapy team provide services for people in the whole borough of Barnsley.

We work with children and young people who have speech, language and communication problems. We also support children and young people with eating and drinking difficulties.

Read further information about the Speech and Language Services on offer.

Barnsley 0-19 Public Health Nursing Service

The Barnsley 0-19 public health nursing service are a borough wide service that prioritises the health and wellbeing of children, young people (aged 0-19) and their families across Barnsley.

We aim to promote the best start in life from the antenatal period and beyond and support children, young people and their families to live healthier lives.

The service works in partnership with parents, carers and other agencies to provide a number of services to give children, young people and their families the opportunity to lead a healthy life.

We are a multi skilled workforce comprising of different practitioners to support your health and wellbeing needs. You may be seen by a Public Health Support Worker, Infant Feeding Support Worker, Child Development Practitioner, Public Health Nurse, Specialist Community Public Health Nurses previously known as the Health Visitor or School nurse.

Find out more about the Barnsley 0-19 Public Health Nursing Service.

Barnsley Education Inclusion Services

Our specialist qualified team of professionals have a breadth of knowledge and experience in meeting the needs of children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND).

Specialist support includes:

  • Portage Service
  • Early Years Area SENCO
  • Educational, Child and Community
  • Hearing Support
  • Social Communication and Interaction
  • Vision Support

View more information on all these services.