It is fast approaching 5 years since we launched our Rotherham ‘Tiny Talkers’ campaign which aims to provide parents, carers, practitioners and anyone in contact with children the knowledge and skills to support the development of children’s speech, language and communication.

One aspect of the campaign was to provide continuous professional development to equip practitioners across the 0-5 workforce to identify children at risk of delay with their speech, language and communication and provide evidence based strategies to be able to support children through early intervention. The first layer of training on the Tiny Talkers pathway is our Universal Training. Further training opportunities are then available for practitioners with a specific interest or lead role in supporting children’s speech, language, and communication development.

Tiny Talkers Universal Training

The Universal Training was developed by a working party from a range of multi-disciplinary backgrounds in the 0-5 sector with the aim of providing clear and consistent messages around Speech, Language and Communication (SLC) development across the 0-5 workforce. The training focuses on understanding and identifying needs with an emphasis on raising awareness of what typical development in speech, language and communication is. It also looks at strategies to support children where delay is identified and ideas and support to develop communication friendly environments.

The Universal Training has been available for some time however it has recently been revised and consolidated to a 1 hour course making it more accessible to the workforce whilst still providing core content. If you have not yet completed the Universal Training, you will need to complete this e-learning course before booking onto the Enhanced Level Training as this is a prerequisite.

All participants are required to complete a Training Evaluation before they start the training and then again after completing the training. The Training Evaluation for the Universal Training can be accessed here.

This evaluation seeks to investigate whether the training has had a positive impact on individuals and the children’s workforce as a whole. When completing the Training Evaluation, please use your own work/ individual email address rather than a shared email address to ensure that evaluation responses can be linked successfully.

You can access the Universal Training below.

If you are an Early Years Professional working within Rotherham and you have completed this training, please use the link below to provide your details. We will then arrange for your certificate to be generated.

Tiny Talkers Booster Group Intervention Tutorial

This pre-recorded tutorial explains how to deliver and implement the Tiny Talkers Booster Group Intervention programme.

PLEASE NOTE – If you have not already completed the 0-5 SLCN Universal Training it would be beneficial for you to complete this before accessing the Tiny Talkers Booster Group Intervention Tutorial as this is a prerequisite.


If you are an Early Years Professional working within Rotherham and you have completed this tutorial, please email your name, name of setting and date training completed to:

We will then arrange for your Tiny Talkers Booster Group Intervention Pack to be sent out to you.

Enhanced Training

The Enhanced Training offer in Rotherham is aimed at practitioners working in Schools and Early Years and Childminder settings who have a lead role in supporting children’s speech, language and communication development. This training should be accessed after attending the Universal Training offer. The training is delivered over two days and will deepen practitioner’s understanding of children’s speech, language and communication needs to enable them to be more effective with their support.  Through attending this training, you will be able to support practitioners and parents to implement highly effective and practical strategies which will help to narrow the achievement gap and ultimately improve life chances.

For further information or to book a place on the training please contact

Supporting Children with English as an Additional Language

Children learning English as an additional language have bespoke challenges and learning needs and this training will equip you to be highly effective in tailoring your practice to meet their needs. In addition to the half days training you receive you will also be provided with a 1 hour staff meeting which we hope you will take away and cascade to all staff and practitioners in your setting to upskill your wider workforce and impact positively on practice and ultimately children’s outcomes.

For further information or to book a place on the training please contact

You can also download a copy of the slides for this training session here.

Enhanced Plus Training

The Enhanced Plus Training offer consists of 10 x 2 hour sessions delivered over five weeks. The training has been developed by Elklan who lead on training for Speech, Language and Communication for Education professionals. The training is accredited training and is aimed specifically at those working with 3-5 year olds. This practical training course should only be attended after completion of the Enhanced Training and aims to:

  • Build your confidence and skills to support the communication and language development of ALL children aged 3-5s years but especially those with speech and language difficulties.
  • Give you practical advice and strategies to support parents and families with whom you work.
  • Provide settings with a highly skilled workforce to help narrow the gap and improve the life chances of young children.
  • Give you an externally verified and accredited level 2 or 3 award.

The course uses interactive teaching methods, practical activities, videos, and group discussion to engage learners.

For further information or to book a place on the training please contact

Speech & Language Initiative for Communication in Education (SLICE)

SLICE training is offered annually by the Speech and Language Therapy Service in Rotherham. The training consists of 8 modules covering:

  • An Overview of communication
  • Speech sound development
  • Early Language development
  • Higher level language
  • Teaching Vocabulary in the early years and across the curriculum
  • Learning Difficulties
  • Signs and Symbols
  • What is Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)?

Each module is 2 hours long and there is an option to opt out of modules if they are not relevant to your needs.

For more information or to book a place please email